Logistic Grand Mig

Transport company Logistic Grand Mig LLC – a team of professionals with extensive experience in logistics, we meet international standards in both transportation and warehousing.
It has its own transport of various carrying capacity for transportation of various cargoes, both with maintenance, and without maintenance of a temperature mode.
High degree of professionalism of our specialists combined with affordable prices provide us leading positions in the logistics services market
Our clients vary from small private companies to the global international players, whom we guarantee a stable quality of logistics services and reasonable price.
We create provide all more workplaces in a company, permanently contributing to development of professional qualities.

Our mission

it is to value every customer,and also to provide quality of logistics services and reasonable price, speed of decision making. Our goal is to provide logistics services meeting highest standards and minimal costs while ensuring every enterprise’ development.

Our tasks

are innovative ideas in development, protection of client’s interests, increase in labor productivity of in both transportation and warehousing.
Fulfilling our mission, we rely on our sincere faith in the company, readiness to protect its interests, respect to our client, commitment to the quality of provided services and our business decency in relationships with employees, clients and partners.


Motor transportation

For today none of the companies can not do without cargo transportation, the most common of them is, of course, trucking. Delivery of finished goods, raw materials for its production, various parts, etc. requires special responsibility. Today, the organization of goods road transport understands planning of the delivery of goods within the state and beyond and aboard. According to statistics, the transportation of goods by road between different countries is about a third in the list of all kinds of services.

We carry out the transportation of goods:

  • international transportation

Advantages of this type of transportation:

  • speed of execution;
  • the ability to deliver different types of cargo without additional overpayments;
  • affordable cost of services;
  • possibility to deliver cargo to any point where automobile roads pass;
  • delivery of goods along the route from the sender to the recipient anywhere in the country;

Our partners


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